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The Role of IRAC

IRAC is prolonging the effectiveness of insecticides, acaricides and traits by implementing insecticide resistance management strategies, countering the development of resistance in the three core sectors of traditional Crop Protection, Plant Biotechnology and Public Health.

IRM Resources

Communication and education is key to promoting awareness of insecticide resistance and effective resistance management strategies worldwide. IRAC has published a wide range of communication and educational material, all of which are available free to download from the website. Such communication and educational materials may be used in their entirety and/or portions of such materials may be used freely so long as the appropriate citations are provided for all the applicable authors, materials and/or website. Printed copies of the booklets and the English version of the Mode of Action poster with the structures are available via the IRAC Coordinator.

A global response to a global problem

Insecticide resistance management is a global challenge, and IRAC is delivering strategic responses worldwide with localized as well as international initiatives.

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Next industry event

March 14 2023
New Delhi, India

The 2023 Congress will be focused on following themes: a) Development of natural and synthetic agrochemicals b) Develop innovative pesticide formulations. c) Emerging issues and stewardship d) Precise analytical techniques for environmental fate and metabolism e) Environmental fate and metabolism f) Soil Biome, metablomics g) Creation of awareness programme on judicious use of plant protection […]

Next IRAC event

March 14 2023
Kyoto, Japan
57th IRAC International Meeting

The 57th IRAC International Meeting will be held in conjunction with IRAC Japan and IRAC Asia in Kyoto, Japan and will incorporate a visit to the Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Applied Entomology and Zoology in Osaka with IRAC presentations in a seminar sponsored by the Japan Crop Protection Association on 14th March. Further […]

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Mode of Action Classification on the go

Helping growers, advisors, extension staff, consultants and crop protection professionals define effective and sustainable insecticide resistance managment (IRM) strategies.

IRAC Mode of Action Classification app on an iPhone 8

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PlayThe importance of Mode of Action,in 3 minutes
Available in English, Arabic, Bahasa (Indonesian), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog (Philippines), Thai and Vietnamese.

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