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Chewing Pests Team

The Chewing Pest WG is a new group for IRAC combining the past Lepidoptera and Coleoptera WGs and complements the Sucking Pest WG. These two key groups sit within the IRAC Crop Protection Team along with the Nematode WG.   It is recognised that the WG will have a broad remit given the potential range of crops and pests but, by focussing on specific areas, it is planned to deliver appropriate IRM strategies.

Team Objectives

  • Maintain currency of the global IRM guidelines based on new experiences and new active ingredients
  • Re focus support  of country  working groups to reach higher IRM levels
  • Hasten company participation and compliance within country  working groups to communicate MoA, implement IRM strategies, and align IRM label language
  • Create baseline insect susceptibility data for future data comparisons
  • Influence registration/ government authorities
  • Educational programs

Key chewing pests resources

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