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IRAC China is one of the newest full IRAC Country Teams formed from the previous IRAC Diamide/Lepidoptera and Country Resistance Action Group (CRAG). Activities to date are as follows:

The 1st Working Meeting was held in Shanghai on 1st March, 2019.

–Elected new leader for CRAG as well as DM WG for China
–Agreed to continue Diamide Resistance Monitoring Collaboration Project with NATESC (NJAU)
–Discussed key objectives and plan for 2019

The 2nd Working Meeting was held in Beijing on 5th July, 2019. Crop Life China, NATESC, NAU, member companies attended the meeting.

–Review key action items and achievements made by CRAG made in past years;
–Reviewed the resistance monitoring of Diamide in RSB and proposed IRM strategy.
–Reviewed resistance development status of key pests for common insecticides in China.
–Reviewed 2019 Lepidoptera Resistance Management Guideline and decide to translate to Chinese for sharing widely;
–Member companies share the progress in IRM area.
–Discussed resistance management strategy for FAW control
–Agreed to translate Insecticide Resistance Group Classification Map.

The 3rd Working Meeting, summary meeting of performance of Diamides in the control of RSB , was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province on 14th .Nov., 2019.

–CLC with Member companies together with NATESC/PPS from key provinces attended the meeting;
–Final resistance monitoring results for SRSB were shared by Ms. Gao.
–Key learnings from Application of CTPR on RNB was shared and recommended by NATESC.

IRAC Videos in Chinese – available on YOUKU via links below

Insecticide Resistance Management

Mode of Action Explained


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