Latest Resistance management for sustainable agriculture and improved public health

Executive Team

The IRAC Network is made up of a series of inter-company Committees dedicated to prolonging the effectiveness of insecticides and acaricides by countering the development of resistance. The Committees operate at a global level (IRAC International and IRAC Executive) and at a regional or country level (IRAC Country Groups).  IRAC as an organisation can only be successful with proactive participation and contributions from the member company representatives, volunteering their time and energies to achieve the agreed goals and objectives.

IRAC Executive – Objectives

  • Coordinate and facilitate the work of IRAC in accordance with the IRAC Mission
  • Facilitate cooperation and communication on insecticide resistance and IRM including traits, nematodes & public health pests
  • Prioritise insecticide resistance threats and develop an IRAC strategy aimed at minimising the impact of resistance
  • Encourage formation of  IRAC Task Teams to address key resistance threats
  • Leverage IRAC through the CropLife network
  • Approve and submit the IRAC annual budget to the CropLife Stewardship Committee
  • Promote membership of IRAC at a country, regional and international level
  • Strengthen links with the IRAC Country Groups and local CropLife associations
  • Encourage formation of new Country Groups to address local IRM issues
  • Encourage WGs to hold regular audio updates and at least one F2F each year to review activities
  • Emphasis to all IRAC members of the importance of following the IRAC Constitution including the Code of Conduct and Guidelines on Antitrust.

IRAC International Position Papers

Mode of Action Labelling Guidance from CropLife International

The inclusion of MoA information on product labels, supported by training and other resources, is critical to ensure growers have the information they need to follow resistance management guidelines. CropLife International have published MoA Labelling Guidance

Key executive resources

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