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Outreach Team

One of IRAC’s key roles, coordinated by the Outreach (formerly Communication & Education / C&E) Team, is the dissemination of information that will promote good IRM practices around the world. This is done through the generation of printed (posters, handouts, etc.) and electronic (website, eTools, etc.) educational material that can be used by a wide audience. Members of IRAC are encouraged to give presentations and hold poster sessions at national and international meeting and conferences. A wide range of posters and presentation slides are available and can be downloaded via the links on the various IRAC web pages.

The IRAC focal point for the Michigan State University Arthropod Pesticide Resistance Database (APRD) is John Immaraju (AMVAC) who is a member of the IRAC US group. Both IRAC International and IRAC US provide support for the update and maintenance of the database.

Outreach Team Objectives

  • Development of C&E material for the coming year
  • Leverage communication & education through the CropLife network
  • Maintain and improve the website as the main IRAC communication & education vehicle for resistance and IRM information
  • Communicate IRM & IRAC news through the circulation of newsletters
  • Upgrade, update and maintain the MSU Database

IRAC Video: IRM Explained

A grower-focused, animated, and diagrammatic explanation of Insecticide Resistance and its management from CropLife International and the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee.

PlayIRM explainedA grower-focused, animated, and diagrammatic explanation of insecticide resistance and its management

IRAC Video: Insecticide Mode of Action Explained

An animated and diagrammatic explanation that explains the importance of mode of action as the basis for effective and sustainable resistance management.

PlayInsecticide Mode of Action explainedAn animated and diagrammatic explanation of the importance of mode of action as the basis for effective and sustainable resistance management

Key outreach resources

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