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Steering Team

As IRAC has become a larger and more complex structure with many more active teams, the need for a group dedicated to maintaining its organisational and operational excellence was considered essential.  Thus, the Steering Group has a responsibility to the Executive to ensure that the IRAC structure, constitution, organisation and financing serves the needs of the Committee and that IRAC can meet its responsibilities, commitments and wider strategic objectives.

The team works to facilitate and encourage interactions within IRAC International as well as with CropLife International and other external organisations.  The team also has a responsibility to propose new strategic initiatives and to monitor funding.  Members of the team include the Elected Officers (Chairman, Vice Chairmen and Treasurer) and the IRAC Coordinator, together with as many company members as wish to be involved.

Team Objectives In Conjunction with the Executive Committee

  • Update and maintain the IRAC administrative documentation and propose strategies for the effective management of IRAC
  • Manage the IRAC finances and budget process through coordination with CropLife International
  • Maintain, develop and manage the IRAC Network and other stakeholder relations
  • Maintain oversight of the goals, objectives and activities of the Working Groups/ Country Groups to ensure effective and efficient coordination of local and global IRM

Key steering resources

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