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IRAC Vietnam

IRAC Vietnam key initiatives in 2022 – 2025

Rotation of different MoA products in different insect generation is the simplest but one of most effective solutions for IRM.  IRAC VN will focus on the implementation of this principle with the following core actions:

  • Implementing MoA labelling commitments from CropLife VN members: 100% committed to comply with IRAC guidance (MoA icon, IRM label statement).
  • Encourage MoA labelling practice in VN pesticide manufacturers: kick-start activities to accelerate the journey.
  • Engage VN Government agency to adopt MoA labelling changing from voluntary  to mandatory. Aligning and understanding the concepts, platform, status of resistance etc. is a priority.
  • Build-up online IPM, RM, RAC guidance resources in Vietnamese.
  • Build and participate train-for-trainer programs with CropLife Vn, Government agencies, scientists to increase IRM awareness and practice.

This action plan is aligned across the RAC WGs and catalyzed by CropLife Vietnam. It is believed that, together, it will be possible to suppress resistance issue and develop solid sustainability of farmers and VN agriculture.


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