Latest Resistance management for sustainable agriculture and improved public health

Training centre

Our training centre collates our key resistance management resources in one place. If you’re new to resistance, start with our Resistance Basics tutorial. If you’re a practitioner, explore our position papers, guidelines and reports. If you’re an industry leader benefit from our teaching materials and consider starting a new IRAC group.

  • Insecticide resistance basics Tutorial

    Learn what “resistance” means in a scientific context, and develop a deeper understanding of the underlying resistance mechanisms.

    Learn about resistance modelling and how results can be directly translated into resistance management recommendations.

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  • Position papers

    IRAC is an authority on insecticide resistance and publishes position papers on key topics affecting food security, for example:

    • Insecticide Resistance Management and the use of mixtures
    • The combined use of chemicals and traits
    • Insecticide resistance management for soil and seed applied insecticides
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teaching materials

PlayInsecticide resistance managementin 3 minutes
PlayThe importance of MoAin 3 minutes

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