Latest Resistance management for sustainable agriculture and improved public health

International working groups

The IRAC Network is made up of a series of inter-company Committees dedicated to prolonging the effectiveness of insecticides and acaricides by countering the development of resistance. The Committees operate at a global level (IRAC Executive) and at a regional or country level (IRAC Country Groups) and the whole network is termed IRAC International (abbreviated to IRAC). Much of the work of IRAC is carried out by International Working Groups and the IRAC Country Teams and a full list of these can be seen by holding the cursor over the Teams Link on the main navigation.

Crop protection team

Serves to coordinate the work of our various Working Groups in the crop protection sector, where IRAC has traditionally been most active.

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Biotechnology Team

Promoting IRM strategies in transgenic crops expressing insect-control traits.

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Public Health Team

Forming links with key groups working in vector control and resistance management. Activities extends to hygiene pest IRM. 

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Nematodes Team

Assessing the resistance risk and developing a mode of action classification for nematicides.

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Mode of Action Team

Maintains the definitive, IRAC global scheme on the mode of action of acaricides and insecticides.

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Test Methods Team

Collates, develops and validates approved susceptibility test methodologies, publishing them on the IRAC website.

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Chewing Pests Team

Delivering appropriate IRM strategies across a wide range of crops and chewing pests. Combines the Coleoptera & Lepidoptera WGs.

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Sucking Pests Team

Developing and disseminating IRM strategies for major sucking pests of global importance.

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