Latest Resistance management for sustainable agriculture and improved public health
  • 58th IRAC International Meeting, Brussels, Belgium

    Theme: IRM in constrained conditions of insecticide usage: The 2024 IRAC International Spring Meeting will discuss  the challenges to IRM in a symposium with IRAC members, Industry experts and Academics presenting different views. An expected outcome of the syposium is to determine an IRAC strategy, deliverables, and potential collaborators to address these evolving challenges. Review […]
  • 75th International Symposium on Crop Protection (ISCP)

    Ghent, Belgium
    The Symposium will focus on new developments in all aspects of crop protection. The programme will include a plenary session with two invited papers and several parallel sessions with submitted papers related to the following subjects: Agricultural Entomology and Acarology Nematology Phytopathology Herbology Formulation and Application Technology; Pesticide Residues: Toxicology and Ecotoxicology Special session: Innovative crop […]
  • XX International Plant Protection Congress, Athens, Greece

    Athens, Greece
    The Congress will be consisted of plenary and concurrent sessions of updated information and research data with invited speakers along with oral and poster presentations to cover all plant protection disciplines including plant pathology, entomology, weed science, nematology, plant breeding, technology transfer and relative to plant protection disciplines. Satellite sessions will be also welcomed.
  • XXVII International Congress of Entomology (ICE 2024), Kyoto, Japan

    Kyoto, Japan
    The theme for the meeting is New Discoveries through Consilience. The venue is Kyoto International Conference Center
  • 16th Meeting of the EPPO Resistance Panel on Plant Protection Products

  • XXIX Congresso Brasileiro de Entomologia (CBE) and XIII Congresso Latino-Americano (CLE)

    Uberlândia, Brazil
  • Resistance 2024, Rothamsted, UK

    Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Herts, UK
    Ninth international meeting on pesticide resistance to insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.
  • ESA Entomology 2024

    Phoenix, Arizona
    The theme for Entomology 2024 is Empowering Tomorrow with Insect Science. We especially encourage submissions formats that feature innovative dialogue and approaches that include topics which focus on challenges to the future of entomology and opportunities to meet those challenges with new ideas, techniques, technologies, and collaborations with scientists both within entomology and outside of […]

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