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IRAC Argentina

The IRAC Argentina objectives developed when theTeam was established in 2014 are as follows:

  • Investigation: research, study and development of strategies for the management of resistance
  • Education: generate educational information to promote IRM to producers and technical officers
  • Institutional: building relationships with governmental bodies and authorities

IRAC Argentina works in association with CASAFE, ArgenBio and ASA.

Report in brief from 2021/22:

  • Web technical seminars, in different crops on pest management carried out
  • Presentation from IRAC Argentina activities to the Technical Commission Meeting from CASAFE , August 2021
  • Applications windows for soybean pest management recommendations (ongoing)
  • Future resistance issues being addressed includes baseline studies with lamdacyalotrin and imidacloprid for Stinkbugs (Nezara spp and Piezodorus spp) in 10 different Argentinian soybean regions, in cooperation with the research institute INTA Marcos Juárez (ongoing).

IRAC Argentina Website

Link to the website of IRAC Argentina (Spanish)

Recomendaciones para el Manejo Integrado de Plagas en Maíz

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