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IRAC South Africa

Report in brief from 2021/22:

  • Regular scheduled meetings are well attended by a diverse range of people from various companies and industries with very good participation.
  • A spin-off team has been formed called the “New and emerging pests meeting” to address entomological issues not specifically related to resistance.
  • Various IRM awareness campaigns have taken place, especially via the members who belong to grower groups and academic institutions.
  • A number of IRM guidelines and outreach documents have been developed or updated and further activities are ongoing. These include IRM for fall armyworm, tobacco whitefly and nematodes.
  • Fall armyworm resistance studies have been carried out and resistance confirmed to beta-cypermethrin, indoxacarb and methomyl (academic publication in process). There is some ongoing discussions however on the best path forward
  • Susceptibility testing on Russian wheat aphid¬† with various registered chemicals (chlorpyrifos, dimethoate, imidacloprid, acetamiprid, thiamethoxam, flupyradifurone) is in progress.
  • Resistance issues are being investigated for Tuta absoluta¬† and Thrips

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