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An IRAC Europe group was established in 2019 with the aim of  facilitating better communication and collaboration between the various groups and organisations active in resistance management in Europe. This includes IRAC Country Groups, IRAG teams such as IRAG-UK, NORBARAG, IRAG-Italy and the EPPO Resistance Panel through ECPA. A first audio meeting was held in March 2019 and the following objectives were established for the 2019/20 year.

  • Development of a harmonised assessment of unmitigated resistance risk for European pest species (e.g. is species high, medium or low risk).
  • Development of a harmonised format for submitting insecticide resistance risk analysis as part of the biological dossier for pesticide registration/re-registration.
  • European insecticide & acaricides resistance status document.
  • Participate as an active stakeholder in SHARE4IPM Project
  • Support the adoption of mode of action labelling in European countries.
  • Promote IRM adoption through publication of grower focused communications about the benefits of IRM implementation.
  • Development of a European version of IRAC MoA poster


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