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Updated monitoring and IRM guidelines in Oilseed

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In 2010 the IRAC Oilseed Rape Working Group in collaboration with multiple researchers located around Europe, continued to monitor the susceptibility status of pollen beetle samples to pyrethroid insecticides. A summary of the findings from this survey can be found on our 2010 pollen beetle monitoring poster. In order to help monitor potential susceptibility changes to other insecticides, new methods for monitoring pollen beetle susceptibility to neonicotinoids and organophosphates have also been drafted and these can be found on the eMethods section of the IRAC web-site. 2010 has also seen an increased diversity of control options for pollen beetle and our oilseed rape resistance management guidelines have also been updated to reflect these changes. The guidelines have additionally been summarised  in a new IRM guidelines poster format, to help spread the resistance management message.

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