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Results from Pollen Beetle Resistance Monitoring in 2011

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Results from the 2011 monitoring can be seen in the new poster from the IRAC Coleoptera WG. The survey show that pyrethroid resistant populations of pollen beetle were the dominant population type in all the countries surveyed, except Romania, Ukraine and Hungary and that pyrethroid resistant populations are generally increasing in frequency across Europe. Most populations were susceptible to neonicotinoids, but there is some variation in response and all populations of pollen beetle tested  were susceptible to organophosphates and indoxacarb based on the IRAC recommended discriminating dose.

In order to prevent further insecticide resistance development, it is recommended that insecticides with different modes of action are utilised in an effective resistance management program, dependant on local insecticide availability and national use guidelines. IRAC guidelines for resistance management in oilseed rape can be found on the IRAC website ( Thanks to all those who contributed to the survey.

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