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Latest updates to the MoA Classification

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New versions (10.5, March 2023) of the IRAC MoA resources have just been released and posted on the website. The changes include the following updates:

  • Group 29: Renamed to  “Chordotonal organ nicotinamidase inhibitors”.
  • Group 36: A new MoA Group which contains the active Dimpropyridaz, and is named “Chordotonal organ modulators – undefined target site”.
  • Dicloromezotiaz, previously, in Appendix 6 (active ingredient pending registration), has been moved to Group 4E, Mesoinics, within Group 4, “Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) competitive modulators”.
  • The new peptide, U1-AGTX-Ta1b-QA, has been classified as “Unknown or uncertain MoA – subgroup UNP (peptides of unknown or uncertain MoA)”  and has been added to the Classification Scheme, Appendix 6, pending registration.

The updated resources, available for download from the IRAC website, are:

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