Latest Resistance management for sustainable agriculture and improved public health

IRAC Brazil participates in the “IRM Training of Vegetable Growers”


On May 8, the “Meeting of the Vegetable Growers” took place through the Secretariat of Agriculture, Agribusiness, Labor and Development and Municipality of Itapetininga.

The meeting brought together farmers from the region and area technicians to discuss issues related to the control of pests of agricultural importance for cucumber, peppers and tomatoes – mainly addressing tomato moth (Tuta absoluta) and whitefly- (Bemisia tabaci), adequate management, use of chemical products and management of socioeconomic and environmental impacts. Tools and production techniques to empower rural producers were developed for more sustainable production.  IRAC Brazil member, Eng. Agr. Ms. Helvio Campoy, participated as a speaker.

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