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VII Intl. Workshop on DBM & Other Crucifer Pests

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“The VII International Workshop on Management of the Diamondback Moth and Other Crucifer Insect Pests” to be held in Bangalore, India from 23 to 27 March, 2015.

The Meeting will take place in the Movenpick Hotel and Spa, Bangalore situated between Airport and center of the city.

This meeting provides a platform for researchers, students, and agencies involved in the study of insect pests of crucifers from around the world, to network, share and discuss their experiences and scientific findings on every facet of insect pests of crucifers with special reference to the cosmopolitan pest, Diamondback Moth.

The workshop is planned to cover various aspects of the biology, behavior, distribution, ecology, host plant interactions, chemical ecology, chemical and non-chemical methods of management and biotechnological tools relevant to diamondback moth and other insect pests of crucifers.

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