Latest Resistance management for sustainable agriculture and improved public health

8th ICUP Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, July 2014


ICUP started in 1993, and is now the leading international conference for all those involved with urban pests, including academics, industry scientists, pest management professionals, and government regulators.

  • The Conference broadly covers the biology, significance and control of urban pests, including:
  • Hygiene Pests (e.g. cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, houseflies)
  • Structural Pests (e.g. termites)
  • Vertebrates (e.g. rats, mice, pigeons)
  • Invasive Species (e.g. mosquitoes)
  • Medical Entomology / Acarology
  • Future Pest Management
  • Biocide Directives
  • Natural Compounds
  • Physical Methods in Pest Management
  • Workshop for Pest Management Professionals

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