Latest Resistance management for sustainable agriculture and improved public health

50th IRAC International Meeting, 2016


The IRAC International Meeting is open to representatives of the IRAC Member companies and invited guests.

Venue: The Gibson hotel, Point Village, Dublin
Telephone: +353 (0)1 681 5000
Fax: +353 (0)1 681 5051

Outline Agenda:

Session 1:

Tuesday, April 5th – IRAC International Review
Introduction, brief International Team &WG overviews
Discussions – Task Teams for 2016/17 & Integrated IRM
Evening: Group Dinner at Mv Cillairne Restaurant

Session 2:

Wednesday, April 6th – IRAC Team & WGs
EU Supermarket residue restrictions & MoA Labelling
Lepidoptera, MoA, Methods & Public Health

Session 3:

Thursday, April 7th – IRAC Team & WGs & Executive
Joint Biotech, Lepidoptera, Sucking Pest and Coleoptera discussions
Biotech, Coleoptera and Sucking Pest WG sessions (Morning)
IRAC Executive Meeting (Afternoon)

Session 4:

Friday, April 8th (Morning) – Outreach/Steering Strategy Session

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